shan's commission details ☆

Please note prices below are in USD and SGD is shown underneath, preferred currency is SGD!

**take note: "fully rendered does not include special effects/more detailed background

There may be extra charges for the following:
- Additional Character (75% of base character price, max 1 more character)
- Complex character designs (ranges: US$5-20/S$7-28)
- Props (ranges: US $3-10/S$4-14)
- Special effects + Unique backgrounds e.g. in Heizou [power effects], Ayato [sword effects + water bg] and Yae [electro sakura effects + shrine bg] samples used above (US$3/S$4) (Take note: simple patterned backgrounds and flat colour backgrounds come free)
- If you want just either just special effects only or unique bg only, just half the price above.
- Complex environments (currently unavailable as I am not confident to deliver - may be up for negotiations though)

Payment Avenues

PayNow QR: (local SG buyers)

1. DM your request to me on Instagram/Discord (preferrably, most active on these platforms, please use these platforms if I don't respond on other platforms) or Twitter/Tik Tok.
2. Please send me any references (character, poses) and any specific details (e.g. expressions) you want.1
3. I currently do not do custom designs, but I accept descriptions if no character references available!
4. Once request is confirmed, I will send you an invoice for payment through main communication channel. Payment is to be done through P@ypal (non-local etc.) or PayNow (local) - links for which can be found under "commissions info!" above.
5. All payment is to be done UPFRONT and within 3 days (please do let me know if you need extension).
5. Feel free to check trello (linked above) for commission progress.
6. Completed piece will be sent as .png through email (if you have other preferred methods do let me know).2
7. No refund after payment allowed

-You'll be sent a rough sketch whereby major revisions can be made before lineart (e.g. pose, expressions).
-After lineart, 2 minor changes allowed before rendering.
-After rendering, only colour changes are allowed.
2Average estimated time to complete: maximum 4 weeks - you will be told in advance if extension is needed (and told beforehand, if your request is on the complex side/I am more on the busy side)

shan's commission details ☆

Terms and conditions

Clients' rights1. Commissions ordered can only be used for PERSONAL USE, you MAY:
- Use the commission as your profile picture.
- Print the commission for personal use.
- Post the watermarked commission on social media with credit.
2. You are NOT allowed use my commission art for commercial purposes such as:
- Making merchandise (keychains, prints, etc.)
- Tracing and selling
- Reselling art
- NFTs
3. You are NOT allowed to claim the art as your own/repost without credit.
Artist's rights1. I am allowed to refuse any commission I am uncomfortable with.
2. I may use commissions as samples/post them on my socials (with watermarks).
3. I may upload timelapses of commission art to socials.
4. Prices may vary based on complexity of request (will be told upfront).
5. If any of these terms are violated, I reserve the right to add you to my blacklist which may be shared with other creators.